09/09 – PRESENT

Chief Operating Officer


Oversee management of inventory, provide guidance on reorders and needs by category

Implement seasonless component of business and inventory goals to be in stock in key components of assortment

Determine promotional schedule and initiate markdown schedules

Coordinate creative marketing across social media platforms and internal marketing initiatives

•Investigate competitive marketplace to investigate viability of menswear business

•Analyze customer and sales database to provide direction for additional store locations

•Establish processes to enable better analysis of sales to further business opportunities

•Provide direction in better managing inventories to improve margins and stock turns

•Research various POS systems to better integrate brick-and-mortar and on-line sales with existing platform

•Consult, research and help select back office infrastructure software

•Assist in implementation of custom software solution for sales, order fulfillment, purchasing, inventory control, etc.

•Establish and deliver HR policies

•Work with graphic designer to improve aesthetic appeal of site

•Institute and implement purchase order terms and vendor compliance program

•Improve operational efficiencies and overall customer experience

•Source and build-out warehouse facilities

•Establish branded shipping materials

•Recruit and hire for 300% increase in staff

•Responsible for all buying and web maintenance for menswear launch in October 2010 and ongoing operations


3/06 – 1/09

Group Director Global Merchandising


•Established first global collection in Spring 2008

•Menswear back in Nordstrom Rail for Spring 2009

•Sales doubled for USA at Project Vegas last two seasons

•High comp store increases at retail

•Kidswear in Fred Segal, Scoop, Kitson, Neiman Marcus, Saks


•Establish range plans that address the needs of all global markets with as few styles as possible

•Merchandise collections to ensure appropriate balance between forward-fashion and commercial items

•Analyze wholesale and retail sales in order to maximize business opportunities for both points of distribution

•Direct Visual Merchandising of Ben Sherman retail stores, shop-in-shops and showrooms

•Travel to markets; Asia, Europe, USA, UK, to understand individual market needs and ensure brand positioned appropriately

•Oversee development by licensees; tailored clothing, dress shirts, neckwear, cold weather, bags and small-leather goods

•Establish retails to achieve margin requirements and reposition brand accordingly within the UK market

•Determine production orders based on sell-in to wholesale and buy-in by retail

•Review retail shop buys to ensure brand direction appropriately represented in Ben Sherman retail

•Removed sales teams from product development process to ensure product/design drives the brand forward

•Merged two disparate menswear collections into one global collection

•Streamlined internal buying process to facilitate timely placement of buys and improve delivery to market

•Implemented programs to better share sales information from various markets with design teams


5/97 – 1/05

General Merchandise Manager


•24 months of comp store increases

•Brought womenswear direction in line with menswear

•Achieved goal of improved womenswear penetration; from 45% to 65% of total business

•Increased inventory turn and gross margins

•Improved full price sell through, resulting in no returns to wholesale division

•Participated in rapid growth from 10 to 26 retail stores nationwide, ranging from 1,500 - 10,000 square feet

•Launched on-line retail business


•Profitably managed all merchandise for all US retail stores and US website

•Established annual sales, turn and margin plans

•Managed the buying/merchandising/planning/allocating and product communication teams

•Worked with wholesale team to maintain proper point of view

•Established retails to achieve both retail and wholesale margin requirements

•Collaborated with UK design/merchandising teams to create product for the US market

•Traveled to stores to communicate brand identity and review product assortment

•Communicated with UK retail team to shorten lead times to bring new fashion into stores

•Created musical program to enhance brand experience

•Initiated programs to improve understanding of the brand in the field organization

•Ran outlet business by using both old season inventory, and creating merchandise specifically for outlets

Vice President of Menswear


•45 months of comp store increases

•Increased menswear penetration from 10% to 55% of business

•Initiated reporting, buying, replenishment programs to bring structure and process to retail division

•Created season-less program; decreasing inventory risk and improving overall gross margin


•Responsible for buying all menswear classifications for all US locations

•Established womenswear and menswear annual sales, turn and margin plans

•Guided wholesale buy to maintain proper point of view

•Traveled to stores to train staff and communicate fashion message

•Visited key wholesale shop-in-shops to ensure merchandise presentations

•Exchanged ideas with UK design team to maximize opportunities for US market

•Communicated seasonal advertising/marketing campaigns to stores

•Developed musical program to enhance FCUK brand experience

•Analyzed business to maximize sales and maintain proper stock levels and assortment

•Directed stores; rollouts, sales, markdowns, visual presentation, product knowledge, etc.


8/91 - 5/97


•Opened first Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni shop within a department store

•Received “best of the best” awards for both buying positions by exceeding financial targets

•Established first neckwear catalogue

•Participated in Bloomingdale’s initial nationwide expansion into California

Buyer - Men's Neckwear

•Selected merchandise, analyzed business, sought out opportunities and communicated with 44 neckwear vendors

•Developed private label neckwear; Metropolitan View and Peterborough Row Labels

•Established PA's and other in-store events to promote business

•Maintained and increased automatic replenishment programs

•Directed stores with sales events, receipts, advertising, markdowns, visual, etc.

Buyer - Men's Overcoats & Raincoats

Associate Buyer - Men's Designer Sportswear

Department Manager - Chicago Store - Men's Horizon & Citisport

Assistant Buyer - Men's Polo Ralph Lauren

Assistant Department Manager - Giorgio Armani Le Collezioni Shop




MBA Marketing/International Business


BA French/Business Minor, Dean’s List

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